The Basics of Basement Flooring

It’s finally time to do up the basement. Whether you want to freshen up an already finished area or finally take advantage of all that raw space you’re ready to do what it takes to make it great. Like every other room the best place to start is the floors. Your basement are unlike the other areas in many ways so there are some specific things you should know about what flooring is right for it.


Due to the fact that your basement is likely built with a concrete floor that may not be entirely even standard hardwood floors are not recommended as they need to be anchored to the subfloor. Still, there are options for those seeking a natural glow to their basement floor. Engineered hardwood has greater stability and brings less worry about the expanding or contracting that can come with humidity and temperature changes that many basements are prone to. Laminate has much the same benefits and, along with engineered hardwood, is a “floating floor” which means it’s much easier to install on concrete.


Vinyl has long been a standard in basement flooring for good reason. It’s hardy against moisture and won’t rip or tear under normal use. Whether in tile form or planks vinyl flooring can provide a hardy and easy-to-clean floor with a terrific look.


Ceramic tile is the great granddaddy of basement flooring. It can be attached directly to concrete and provides a classic elegant look in an area often crying out for it while simultaneous preserving vertical space. Ceramic also has the benefit of being extremely resistant against water and water vapor.


When in doubt, cover it with carpet. You may not need to evoke the feel of a luxury pool hall or boutique hotel with your basement. You might just need a little extra family space and some protection from that cold basement floor and carpet will definitely do that. You can add a little luxury by going thicker or stick with textured cut pile carpet for durability and longevity.

There are some great options in basement flooring and as long as you pay attention to moisture and other issues every one of them can be terrific. If you’re looking to improve your basement’s flooring contact Tony’s Flooring today and we’ll guide you through a variety of great options.