3 Modern Tile Flooring Ideas

If you’ve been wondering how to add a splash of modern decor to your home with modern tile flooring ideas—and are hoping to accomplish that with tile flooring ideas—you’ve come to the right place. Modern tile flooring comes in a myriad of options that can turn your floor from dated to cutting-edge, even on a modest budget (although, generally, the bigger the budget the bigger the modern flare). To help you on your road to modernizing your tile flooring, here are 3 modern tile flooring ideas to serve as options, or creative jumping-off points:

1. Create a Pretty Patchwork of Tiles
Ceramic tile flooring offers a myriad of options—opening up options for homeowners that were never available before. You can now get a ‘designer’ floor by creating a patchwork of similar-but-different ceramic tiles that all have a similar colour theme or pattern. You can even buy mismatched tiles to decrease your overall price. Be sure to lay at least a part of your floor out beforehand to ensure that you haven’t gone overboard on the tiles, and that they create the look that you want.

2. Go Modern ‘Neutral’
One of the biggest selling factors of modern-looking homes is their neutral tones that suit a wide variety of homeowners and palettes. By using neutrally-toned tiles (even if they have a bold or slightly-bold pattern) you can increase the value of your home. Using neutrally-toned tiles also opens up your design possibilities as your furniture and wall colours won’t be competing with colourful ceramic tiles.

3. Go for (an Expensive) Pop
If you’ve already looked around at ceramic tiles—and seen how super-expensive their price tags can get, then we have a great solution for you: go for an expensive pop of colour. So, consider those far-too-expensive tiles that you loved so much and use just a few of them to give the rest of your tiles a pop of colour, or texture/pattern. A little goes a long way with ceramic tiles.

Which Modern Tile Flooring Ideas to Choose From?

If you’re still unsure about which modern tiles will increase the aesthetics and value of your home—call the experts at Tony’s. Our designer experts can help you make an informed decision on which tiles to choose and what pattern will create the ‘modern look’ you’re gunning for.