Month: June 2016

Wooden planks floor background.
Green Flooring Options You Should Consider

The years when eco-friendly products were mostly boring and bland are over. Thanks to the excellent designers who are continuously working on creating beautiful pieces out of eco-friendly materials, we get to enjoy having our dream homes without feeling guilty about the environment.  This ecological movement has included flooring solutions! If you’re having your house

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Different types of carpet
How to Choose the Right Carpet for your Home

Whether you are moving to a new home or just wanting to bring life to your old and boring floor, carpeting is always an excellent choice. However, with the wide selection of carpets available in the market, choosing what you’ll have for a wall-to-wall carpet is quickly proving to be among the most difficult decisions

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Operating with large upright sanding machine
When Should You Refinish Your Hardwood Floor?

We cannot deny the classic beauty of hardwood floors. They certainly add an inviting warmth to every home. However, as much as we want them to, hardwood floors would eventually need a little more than the usual cleaning and polishing you’re used to doing. Refinishing is the perfect (and thankfully, inexpensive) way to revive dull

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baby on the floor with cake icing on his feet and the floor
Floor Maintenance Tips When You Have Kids Around

What could be more joyous than having a home with children laughing and running around? For most parents, seeing their children having fun is a stress reliever especially if they spend all day working. But what if you come home to children running around a messy house with spills and drawings on the floor? Stress

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