Month: February 2016

Termites are nasty critters that can take over your floor and home. Knowing the signs can help you avoid the costly implications of replacements.
How to Detect Termite Damage on Your Floor

Termite damage can be costly and complicated to repair. You would need to treat the infestation first before you can begin repairing the actual floor. Termites cause gradual damage on walls, carpets and floors that may take you years to realize, but fear not! We have made a run down of the common signs to

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Make sure to properly maintain your hardwood flooring by moving furnitures around - allowing it to age evenly.
How to Take Care of Your Hardwood Floor

Many homeowners neglect to properly take care of their hardwood floors – paving the way to a number of unsightly damages and costly repairs. When it comes to hardwood floor maintenance, the steps are as easy as 1-2-3! Tony’s Flooring Centre is dedicated in helping you take care of your hardwood floor that is why

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Keep your carpet looking new by following these simple tips.
How to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Proper maintenance is key in keeping your carpet looking lush and new. Properly maintaining your carpet can prevent it from thinning and wearing out despite the constant foot traffic they have to endure. Neglecting your carpet can result to some allergens growing within the fibres, possibly causing skin and nasal irritations. Make sure to regularly

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Your flooring options are becoming more eco-friendly.
Green Flooring Options for Your Home

It is official – the green revolution has made its way at the center of the flooring industry. More and more manufacturers are coming up with cheaper and more sustainable flooring alternatives and have stumbled upon some of the most mind-boggling finds. Due to the increase in demand for more sustainable flooring options, manufacturers are

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Sustainable flooring options are becoming big this year.
Flooring Trends to Try for 2016

limitless design options. The flooring industry has evolved with the ever changing times providing consumers like you endless selections to fit your needs. Admit it, you’ve had the same flooring since you bought your home and we all know its time for an upgrade. Fortunately for you, we have come up with a list of

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